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Advertisements Made Me Fat

By on May 10, 2013

Maybe you have wondered why Americans eat so much? Well, the food ads are one reason and an essential one I’d want to examine. The development of processed foods has made high-fat, cheap foods available around the world. These foods continue to come in larger and larger sized. A large coke at many fast-food restaurants has become 310 calories and 32 ounces and not that long ago it was only about 20 ounces and 180 calories. It’s no wonder people often think, “advertisements made me fat”. This isn’t far from the truth.

You might spot some ads right away.  However, often times advertisers go right over your head and invade your unconscious with the disease of advertising. The goal of marketing would be to strike you where it affects psychologically. Recently, I saw a specific fast-food commercial showing a small and mom child eating burgers and fries. It looked simple enough, but here is what the actual information was: The caretaker was dressed up and fit with her briefcase, and the young woman told her mother that she loved spending quality time such as this with her.

It’s an intelligent method to target kids.  An effective model of marketing may double or triple the weekly sales amount of children’s meals. The use of characters such as Ronald McDonald and Santa Claus in ads are all targeted at kids. So if you are thinking, advertisements made me fat, think what they are doing to your kids.

One of the worst advertising offenders is the dairy industry. They have inundated