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Lose The Weight You Want Forever

By on May 14, 2013

Why is slimming down so hard? The clear answer seems too simple: we need certainly to exercise more and eat less. Why, then, do we constantly find ourselves in exactly the same spot year after year carrying even more weight than twelve months ago? We know how are it is to lose and keep weight off. Below are some tips to help you accomplish your weight loss goals.

The thing is that there are lots of subconscious problems that frequently ruin our best-laid plans. This short article can help you recognize some of what might be stopping you from creating the forward progress that you need.

1. Try a new workout. Doing the same workout day in and day out is going to get old pretty fast. It is important to remember to change up your workouts in order to keep weight off. If you continue in your monotonous workout routine, you will be bored and your body will get used to your workout and know what to expect. Trying a new workout can seem scary but ultimately will be beneficial to keep weight off and keep you interested in your workouts.

2. Try new foods. A huge part of weight loss and weight maintenance is eating the right foods.  If you only eat rice and beans every day, you are going to get tired of it and want to give in to a pizza or some cookies. A great way to continue trying new foods is to get involved in a local coop where you pay a monthly fee and receive a box of fresh fruits and vegetables every week. You will get some foods you are familiar with and some you have never tried. You will be surprised with how many great fruits and vegetables you have never tried!

3. Re-examine the foods you believe to be healthy. Many people use diet foods such as non-fat options and granola bars to substitute for meals or snacks. While these products may help you lose weight, that does not necessarily mean they are healthy. If you have been eating the same things for a while or are struggling to maintain a healthy weight, take a look at the packaging label on your food.  If it has more than 5-7 ingredients, it might be a good idea to throw it out in exchange for something fresh. This should help you keep weight off and maintain your healthy weight.

4. Stay hopeful. Don’t get discouraged. Losing weight and keeping it off can be quite difficult and take time. Keep at it. Share your successes and goals with a friend. You can do it! You can keep weight off and we are here to help you!