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Top 10 Best Diet Plans for you

By on August 30, 2013

Nowadays if you want to be fit you need to follow a diet plan. What makes a good diet plan? Tons of diet programs are already being marketed to the public and it’s getting harder and harder to decide for the best plan to follow. A good diet plan should be something easy to follow. Any diet plan works as long as you stick to it. Below are the best diet programs on top of our list:

1. Weight Watchers

A diet program that is not just tasty but also flexible. You are allowed to eat plenty throughout the day. People in this program can eat anything they want as long they do not go overboard with their alloted daily points. What is even better is the fact that no foods are forbidden. Treats in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables are encouraged. The plan as a whole is focus on letting the dieter eat all the fresh fruit he can eat. There is an optional weekly meeting to support the people in the diet. This diet plan is realistic and really easy to follow.

 2. Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig is a diet plan based around prepackaged home-delivered meals. Everything you need to eat is packed for your convenience thus making the whole plan easy to follow. Discipline and the control is easier this way then. The meal includes yummy apple cinnamon waffles, lasagna, fish and chips, and cookies. They are said to be a good mix for a diet plan. One on one consultation with dieters is also done by Jenny which helps a lot in keeping people in track.

3. Flexitarian Diet

Based on the word ‘flexible’ this diet program is said to be really easy to follow. This is a diet which lets the dieter choose on which food group to eliminate. Changes are highly encouraged making this a light diet which is easier to stick to in the long run.

4. Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean diet emphasizes diverse flavor and food. Like flexitarian dieters can also change the menu based on their wants and taste. A glass of wine is encouraged. There is no limit nor required change for calorie intake which means you won’t be starving yourself. Easy to follow as well.

5. Slim-Fast

In this diet plan you are required to choose a few meal replacements. They offer various products that comes in different flavors from yummy chocolate cookie dough to awesome French vanilla. People in this diet plan only needs to prepare one home-cooked meal per day.

6. Volumetrics

Volumetrics does not require any change nor stops you from eating any kind of food however healthy foods is highly encouraged. Fruits, vegetables and soups are emphasized. The key to volumetrics is to get smart tweaks done in your diet. A straightforward diet plan not just highly sustainable but also recommended to families.

7. DASH Diet reviews

DASH diet means Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. An easy diet plan as well because there is a few structures to follow unlike other advertised diet programs. Like the earlier mentioned plans there is no restrictions to any food group. The key is to keep the diet balanced by adding in healthy snacks to the diet like salads, whole wheat rolls or almonds.

DASH also doesn’t ask for special or tedious preparations or even hard to find ingredients. There is even more than enough supply of online recipes and guides are available to help dieters.

8. Mayo Clinic Diet

Mayo Clinic diet is another moderately easy plan to stick with. You can eat foods with low energy density. The dieters can eat more while taking in fewer calories. There is no banned restaurant meals and like other plans mentioned there are lots of resources which includes tips and recipes that can help dieters stick to the plan.

9. Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem diet is an easy program to follow as well. This is a heat and eat plan where the meal is delivered right at your doorsteps. You are required to eat the meal delivered, which means eating different food than the rest of your family and of course skipping night outs. This is a good way to start because you will learn how to control your diet.

10. TLC Diet

TLC Diet is made by National Institutes of Health. TLC Diet means Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes. There are abundant number of online resources that does not just include meal plans and recipes but also nutrition labels that the dieters can decode on their own. There is an emphasis on fiber-packed fruits and vegetables which can help keep hunger at bay.