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Achieve Whiter Teeth at Home

By on September 18, 2013

White teeth is essential for a lovely smile. White teeth is a sign of good health and self care. However not everyone is blessed with the maximum whiteness, luckily there are ways to make them look better. There are actually things you can do at home comparable to professional whitening. If you are open to taking steps at home then read on:

Use Whitening Strips

There are a lot of brands which offer whitening strips but make sure to choose the ones approved by American Dental Association (ADA). The whitening strips should also be free from chlorine dioxide which is known to damage our teeth’s enamel. It should be made from polythylene. Usually this strips come in two. One for the lower teeth and one for the upper teeth. It contains a gel that will help the strips to adhere to your teeth.

Peroxide bubbles and can lighten pigments.

Make sure to study the instructions on the packaging. Different whitening strips vary in how long you can leave them on, how often you can use them, or if they are disposable right after using. Other strips will just dissolve in your mouth.

Brush thoroughly and floss

A thorough brushing can help out a lot in removing any build-up on your teeth that prevents your teeth from becoming whiter. Floss your teeth to remove plaque in between them to ensure that even those parts are whitened as well.

Tips on brushing the right way:

Use a soft toothbrush and refrain from using hard, medium or firm brushes. Such type of toothbrushes can actually harm your teeh and make it yellow because it can remove the white enamel. Also try to limit extend your brushing time to 2-5 minutes for 2-3 times a day.

Try whitening toothpaste in the market or get even better results by using a home buddy -baking soda.

You can easily create your own home made tooth paste by:

Mix a teaspoon of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide at 3%.

Doing this daily can actually make a big difference on the color of your teeth. If your teeth has became yellowish then it will go back to the original color it was before which can be between natural off-white or grayish white.

Whitening Pens

Get your teeth shades whiter by using whitening pens. It doesn’t have any major whitening effects when compared to whitening strips but it can be a handy tool to maintain white teeth from using other whitening methods.

To avoid getting yellowish teeth again

Do not drink anything that might stain your teeh like sodas, cola, coffee, red wine, cranberry juice. The tip is that what can stain a white shirt can stain your teeth too.

Try your best to avoid acidic foods and drinks like candies, sugar-filled goodies, flavored/artificial water and sports drinks in addition to sodas.

Use straw when drinking sodas to avoid too much contact of the liquid to your teeth.

If possible brush your teeth whitin 30 minutes after drinking or eating acidic foods/drinks to avoid further damage or staining to your teeth.

TIP: High protein foods can neutralize acids that can possibly make your teeth yellow. Good example f food rich in protein are cheese, chicken, meat, nuts and milk.

Increase your intake of calcium or dairy products to keep your teeth white.

Drink more water and more of raw vegetables that can naturally scrub and clean your teeth to make it whiter. Vegetables like cucumber, celery, raw sweet potatoes, carrors and jicama are good examples. They are high in cellulose, a starch-like compound that has natural abrasives and can remove surface stains naturally.

Gums with xylitol can also keep your teeth white.

Do not chew tobacco nor smoke.

Don’t brush too hard.

 Use whitening toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste approved by ADA can gently remove surface stains through different processes that does not require bleaching.

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  1. Craig

    October 18, 2013 at 7:17 pm

    Some great advice there, I personally recommend an initial visit to the dental hygienist for a really good clean and then whitening kits and toothpaste to compliment that. Once you’ve had that initial work done keeping a bright white smile is much easier.