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Don’t Let a Wedding Ruin your Diet

By on September 2, 2013

Are you coming to another wedding again? Are you scared of ruining your diet? Do not let this thoughts ruin the fun. Have a great time without adding in more pounds especially if you need to fit in a tight bridesmaid dress. Never feel guilty by following our tips:

Plan Ahead
Mark the big day. Try to eat well a few days before. This means no alcohol, no sweet treats a couple of days before the event.

Avoid bright colored drinks
Drinks that has neon green or bright blue colorsare guaranreed to give you a hang over. This are the drinks that are obviously mixed with artificial flavors and colors.

Make a toast!
Champagne is one of the low-calorie choices served during weddings. You can definitely enjoy this drink or better yet choose lower-calorie options like water, vegetable juice or club soda.

A lot of Appetizer
Indulge in healthy appetizers! Yes this includes veggies of course like tomatoes. You can also opt to eat them with dips but not more than 1 tablespoon is recommended. Shrimps, chicken or dumplings are still okay as long as it’s still in moderation.

Forget about stuffed starters
Anything that are made with dough, stuffed with mushroom, meat etc are a big no-no. This can definitely ruin your diet in a snap because they are high in calories.

Extra caution on Buffet
The buffet is your biggest temptation. The key is to start off with high fiber options. Ideally half of your plate can include green vegetables. The other hald with fish or chicken. Do not forget to have healthy options brown rice or whole wheat for example.

Be careful with entrees
Between fish, chicken or pork, the fish is almost always the healthiest option. However things are different when the fish is breaded then fried.

Have some cake
Give yourself a treat for sticking with the diet. A bite or two won’t hurt, this is perfect to savor and give way to your sweet tooth.

Relax and just enjoy!
Do not stress much with diet, after all it’s a celebration. Just remember not to go overboard and keep in mind to stay consistent with your eating habits afterwards.