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Foods that Helps Shed Extra Pounds

By on September 16, 2013

Weight loss can be one of the main concerns of women. There is no instant fixes for losing weight but with regular exercise and the right food into your diet everything is possible! Accelerate your weight loss by trading your usual food favorites to our suggestions below:

 Bean Patties

The summer season is sure a tempting season to enjoy yummy barbeques, hotdogs and hamburgers. However for a healthier alternative you can try bean patties. Bean patties are high in fiber and protein. This can help you stay full. Try it with lots of vegetables and between wheat bread for a really healthy meal.

Spaghetti Squash

This is a guilt-free meal which is a really great alternative to traditional noodles full of calories. It is high in carotene and can be cooked in a lot of ways. The seeds can be roasted just like pumpkin seeds.


Create your own pesto by blending fresh herbs and olive oil to a paste. This can add in flavor to your vegetables, fish or chicken. The limitation is endless and the good thing is this is healthy.

No-calorie Fruit water

Proper hydration is the best way to avoid hunger. Take advantage of no calorie drink which has different flavors and has carbonation. It is a refreshing drink that doesn’t add in calories. Fruit water can actually help you reach the recommended the 8-11 glasses of water per day without the guilt.


A good source of lean protein. Turkeys without skin is better and available in grocery stores. There are a lot of simple recipes that can be done with turkey making it a really good choice when making rush meals.


If you need to cut fat from your diet, you can eat mushrooms. Mushrooms can add flavor and juiciness similar to meat with less calories than traditional meat. It is known to be a good addition to other dishes as well.

Sugar free chewing gum

Try the sugar free alternatives of the usual chewing gums. It can help to reduce the cravings for calorie laden desserts such as cakes, brownies etc that are full of artificial sugar.

Frozen Berries

There are tons of fiber in a cup of frozen berries. Frozen berries is a healthy dessert, naturally sweet and can be a great alternative to your usual ice popsicle. It can also be added to other fat-free or sugar-free desserts as well for extra flavor and sweetness.

 Vegetable Soup

A salad that is full healthy goodies in a soup. Make sure that it is hot and the ratio of veggies to the soup is equal. This can fill you up with natural healthy fiber.

Bran Muffins

Bran Muffins high in fiber and whole grains that doesn’t contain lots of sugar. This is perfect as a snack and breakfast or even dessert. You can use applesauce to replace sugar, cinnamon, raisins or walnuts to add extra flavor. Bran muffins is perfect as morning breakfast or even midnight snack. There is no need to feel guilty when taking desserts anymore!