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Healthy Eating Tips for Teenagers

By on September 24, 2013

As we all know, in present era, the teenagers are suffering from dangerous diseases like food poisoning, stomach infection etc which is not a good sign for the society.The reason behind this is unbalanced diet and unhygienic food.The teenagers used to consume unhealthy food and do not include healthy food in their diet like milk, fruit, green vegetables etc.They are very fond of junk food which leads to increase various kinds of disease and health problems among them.


For growing teenagers it is necessary to take fresh fruits and vegetables in their routine diet.Milk and its products are very beneficial for making body strong and to improve strength of body to fight with diseases. A proper planning with accurate guidance is required to reach the required Health and fitness level,so it is essential for every teenager or his/her guardian to maintain a healthy schedule of proper diet.The three things that are must to be in this schedule are:


1. Eat Healthy food.

2. Do Regular Exercise.

3. Take junk food occasionally.


Some tips that tells what to eat or what to avoid:


  • Eat fresh fruits daily and make it a habit to drink juice daily.
  • Good breakfast foods include fruit, eggs, milk, cream of wheat, oatmeal, or toast.
  • Include green vegetables in your breakfast and lunch because it contains all nutrients in it.
  • Essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients can only be gained from healthy food.
  • Drink milk daily and eat milk product like cheese,cream,curd.Skipping breakfast may diminish mental performance.
  • Pulses contain different vitamins in it which have their own benefits and flour is a good source of carbohydrates.
  • All the nutrients are necessary for keeping health fitness.
  • A teenager who eats fast food regularly is more likely to put on weight than a teenager who eats fast food only occasionally.
  • A diet that contains healthy meals and snacks will boost the intake of nutrients such as calcium, which is essential for strong bones.
  • Eating healthy food or taking proper diet doesn’t mean that avoid fast food totally.You can eat junk food occasionally because it contains lots of fats.
  • It is also advised to eat food slowly and do not overeat.
  • Take breakfast, lunch and dinner on time.
  • Make it a habit to do exercise daily and it is also good to do walk after eating food.


From all these tips, it can be concluded that teenage diet plays an important role to make our body healthy and strong for lifetime and healthy food is the key to keep body fit and live long.So the diet should be proper and hygienic which makes us healthier not only by look but internally too.