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Simple Tips to Lessen your Stress

By on September 29, 2013

Are you constantly stressed? Do you often feel that your palms are sweating?  Short of breath? Jaw clenching? Stop all your worries and stress by following our tips laid down below.

Stress constantly appears and can be considered as natural by several individuals. Sometimes you are ought to do a lot of stuff that your nerves are just racked. Even organization of things to do often does not help at all and even increases the feeling of stress.

With the brain working 24/7, unwinding once in a while can be your smartest move. Getting stressed calls for the help of experts. Stress is something everybody deals with everyday but unless it is managed stress can be a reason for a weak immune system or other health illness.

Sometimes there will be times that breathing will be hard if you are in really stressful moments.  Now here are what you need to do when you are stuck in those moments:

Make time for Yourself

Try to find some time for relaxation especially when you feel stressed.  This time out from all your activities will not just help in removing stress but it will also rejuvenate your body and mind. Relaxation is more beneficial than you think. It is often over-looked because of other method mentioned when releasing stress but to relax is still the fool proof way to remove stress. Do not sleep late and consider doing relaxing stuffs instead of seating or lying down on your couch or bed. Minimize your stress by replacing hard mind boggling activities with the ones that can calm you down. Think of doing something that can reinvigorate your body and mind. Go to the church, visit a museum, take a stroll  in the park, go out for lunch and experience a new cuisine. When you come back to your real life, you will have a better feeling and you will be more ready on whatever comes your way.

Get Moving

Another way that you can cherish a day is to get moving. Dancing for example is one of the things you can do to remove stress. Dancing is not just a social activity, it is also a physical activity you can enjoy doing. Dancing has been shown and proven to decrease not just stress but also depression levels. If the late night scene isn’t your cup of tea then you can increase your exercise and your music knowledge in classes of  Zumba, Tango or spinning class.


Once you felt that the tasks and situations are already too much for you to handle then it is time to set them aside for a while. Find your calmness by ignoring the digital technology that might distract you from the day. Technology can also contribute to the stress so it is indeed recommended to take some time out from anything that can disrupt your focus.Detach yourself from your daily busy life so that you can give time to hear your inner voice and rest. Do this on a scheduled basis to add more positive vibes to your life. Take a time to feel free away from home and technology and feed your creative spirit. Take a class or workshop about something you are interested in. Go to your favorite place or simply walk in nature.

Don’t Be a Doormat

Do not try to always please everyone. Set your boundaries and learn how and when to say no especially when it is needed. Learn to appreciate your well being and think when the favor being asked for is beyond what you can do. Stress is an internal issue so there is more reason to put yourself first.

If your schedule is too jam packed try to explain to anyone or people concerned how you will handle the situation. Perhaps by giving limited time to every thing or plan your have with them.

Always Eat Healthy

Next to feeling good of course there is a need to also become healthy. The only way you can be healthy is by having a healthy lifestyle and eating habits. Always eat healthy. When you are stressed there is a tendency or habit for people to munch on foods that make them happy. Usually those food are not healthy, we are talking about junk food etc food that does not contribute anything to your health. When you are stressed always try to treat yourself not just to tasty but also healthy foods.

It is not rocket science that when we eat better, we feel better. When we feel better we tend to become more prepared to handle stressful situations. The usual answer to stress as to other people are caffeine and sugar but they in fact only give a temporary boost. The bad thing with caffeine is it can give side effects of poor sleep or sudden crash of energy. This along with stress can weaken our immune system.Of course when we feel better we will be prepared to handle stressful situations. Short term clutches like caffeine and sugar give you a temporary jolt, but often come with side effects of poor sleep or crashes in energy. This along with stress weakens our immune system. Skipping meals and/or eating junk foods which we often crave for can also make us sick.

Not everyone can go for a drastic change in eating habit so take it slowly but surely. Add a healthy item or two to your diet and you are ought to reap a lot of stress reducing benefits.

Try to Face the Truth

We must learn to face the truth that we are stressed. The sad fact is that not everyone takes the guts to admit that they are already stressed. Face the truth and know what is behind the reason of your stress and do not deny them. Learn to face your problems and do not run from them. You cannot cure things that you do not admit that were existing. There are a lot of complicated issues in life but you are not alone. Facing them ahead of time is more beneficial in the long run.