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Tips on Natural Ways to Look Beautiful and Stylish

By on September 2, 2013

God has made everyone beautiful and everyone carries their own style… Even then we people continuously talk about ways to become stylish and beautiful. Why???…

Oh god, who in this world does not want praises about their beauty and Style? And this is the reason everyone keeps on discussing about these things. Everyone wants to be updated about latest trends and want to make a mark by their style statements.

Style and beauty are the things which people already have but these things need to be groomed well in order to stand out in the crowd. Your beauty and style is the first thing people notice about you when you meet them (caution: Let it not be the only criteria to judge people) and obviously everyone wants to make a fabulous first impression.

Style is important for both men and women but we can see the most of the stylish products available for us women in the market. Obviously we want to look more stylish and have more ways to look good. Cheers!

Be happy by being beautiful and stylish and again keep in mind: God has made everyone beautiful and stylish.

Let us think about a girl going for an interview in a company with latest bright colored nail paint on her witch long nails and wearing a bright pink tank top with jeans (Which is obviously considered stylish) and to add to her beauty she has a cake of makeup with colorful eyeliners and bright lip colors…. Seems stylish and beautiful enough or funny???

If this would have been in college it could have been considered as stylish but not here. Dressing style is not about what you are wearing, it is about what are you wearing at which place and occasion. And beauty is not only about covering all the marks and odd things by a cake of makeup. Looking beautiful in a natural way is more important. (if occasion and situation does not demand)

There are many products available in the market to add on to your beauty and style. When talking about beauty, there are many products to choose from and you should be wise enough to choose appropriate products according to the demand of the situation. Keep in mind you don’t want to stand out in crowd for the odd makeup or products you used. Choose and apply products according to demand. Products that enhance your natural beauty should be given preference.

Same applies when talking about dressing styles… Keep in mind you always select clothes according to your body shape and colors should be according to the demand of the situation. Obviously you can’t wear a flashy gown at beach side just to look stylish. One practice which most of the people do is to copy from others. You see someone wearing some clothes and she looks awesome and so you also have the urge to buy the same kind of top without thinking how it will look on you. Avoid this practice and choose clothes according to your complexion and size.

These days there are many sources available to help you on your beauty and style. Utilize your resources well to stand out in the crowd in a positive way.