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Top 10 Ways to Remove Stretch Marks at Home

By on September 3, 2013

Stretchmarks is a dilemma that most girls have. It is usually cause by sudden growth or when someone gains weight fast. A stretch mark is born when skin is stretched and collagen production is interrupted. Luckily there are numerous ways you can try to naturally fade away those stretchmarks.

1. Aloe Vera
This natural classic is a great cure not just for sunburn but even stretchmarks. It is helpful for a lot of skin problems because it has high level of Vitamin E and C. It shows impressive results on stretchmarks. Simply applying some aloe vera gel once a day on the affected area can help the marks heal and help it fade over time.
You have the option to mix aloe vera with vitamin E capsules or Vitamin A capsules to create a mixture that can be fully absorbed by the skin.

2. Olive Oil
Stretchmarks can also be treated with olive oil. Natural olive oil is rich in vitamin A, K and D which makes it super efficient for stretchmarks. Just dab a cotton ball with olive oil and apply on affected areas. You can opt to mix aloe vera gel with warm olive oil to make it more effective.
Olive oil can also be mixed with vinegar and water to create a night cream that can moisturize and exfoliate the skin.

3. Cocoa butter
Known for it’s anti-aging and anti-wrinkling properties, cocoa butter is efficient in moisturizing and treating stretchmarks. It works the best for post-pregnancy stretchmarks. It can further enhance the blood circulation and the skin’s elasticity. It can be applied on the hips, buttocks, thighs and abdomen. Cocoa butter can be applied twice a day during morning and another one at night. Cocoa butter can seep through the dermis making it so effective. It is recommended to be applied after a warm shower and usually visible effects can be seen after one to two months.

4. Almond oil
Rich in omega-3 almond oil contains fatty acid that is widely known to be good skin food. It can heal the skin when applied two or three times a day.

5. Tea tree oil
A really popular oil in terms of treating pimple, tea tree can also be a highly effective cure for stretchmarks. Tea tree oil has natural antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic effect on the skin making it a great skin buddy and beauty staple. Once per day application is enough because tea tree oil is potent. Watch as stretch mark fades after a month or two.

6. Lemon juice
Collagen which the skin lacks will be treated with lemon juice. Lemon juice helps the skin to increase collagen production, a great home remedy to fix skin discoloration. Lemon juice can be applied to above mentioned treatments as well in order to get better results. To use lemon juice you just need to simply rub it on your skin for at least ten minutes in circular motions before you rinse it off with warm water.

7. Physical exercise
Stretchmarks are results of rapid stretch of the skin thus it will be logical that exercises that tone muscles such as swimming or sit-ups can help them fade. Drinking lots of water can also improve the elasticity of the skin.
two or three times a day.

8. Potato juice
Potatoes can foster the restoration of skin cells which can improve the look of stretch mark. Simply rub potato slices on the skin and let it dry before washing it off.

9. Sugar
Natural exfoliation can be a remedy to remove stretchmarks. Rubbing the sugar for about 10 minutes before taking a shower can remove the marks after a month or so.

10. Water
Drinking lots of water can also improve the elasticity of the skin. Keeping yourself hydrated is not just a part of healthy but it can also protect your skin from other different illnesses. When skin is hydrated it means that you are fully detoxified and you will have a higher chance of getting rid of your stretch marks. At least ten glasses a day is ideal to make the skin soft and elastic. Caffeine, soda or tea can cause dehydration so it is better if you will avoid them altogether.