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16 Habits That Might Hurt Your Relationship

By on October 25, 2013

Do you have any bad habits that might possibly hurting your relationship? We have compiled these 16 bad habits that are possibly hurting your lover without you even realizing it.

Do not feel too guilty because all of us have a few bad habits that we do not realize. Our habits could be silly or cute, well it really depends. But at most  times, our subconscious bad habits could end up hurting both of you or distancing you from each other.

When you truly fall in love with somebody their bad habits are not visible on your eyes not until you are past the stage of infatuation. Just the same, your partner would not see the bad in you because you are both into the sweetness of love. However once the infatuation stage passes your eyes you will realize the nagging habits that has been present in the start of your relationship.

Bad habits can be one of many reasons for a  broken relationship. After all, we can’t change who we are, can we? If you have bad habits that serves as a deal breaker in a relationship you may only realize them only when it is too late. It would be easier to deny your faults than to accept them. People behavior has a big role in what will happen to your relationship in the future.

Do not fret because not all bad habits can affect a relationship. Others will just be overlooked for a while and it may or may not split the ground in your perfect story and result to critical problems and differences.

16 Habits That Might Hurt Your Relationship

Find out if you are doing any of these bad habits that might hurt your relationship in the long run. These habits may be trivial to many but they can go from minor annoyance to the main reason for a break up if you keep on doing them.

1. Taking your partner for granted.

Your partner might be sweet and caring and you love them for it. However, do you remember to appreciate your partner’s efforts and thank them even for the tiniest thing they do?
It might seem silly to constantly thank your love for anything he does but this can be the start of changing your view from appreciation to expectation. Do not take his sweet gestures for granted.

#2 Partner Pleaser.

You are trying your best to please your partner and you do everything to make him happy. However things will be bitter sweet if they do not realize that you have done something nice and you are expecting for them to naturally notice. You will continue doing all those nice things which they will take for granted and you will soon do this again and again until you become a relationship martyr.

If this happens talk to them. Nurturing your sadness and rage will do nothing good. Perhaps this could be the best and fastest way to solve this problem. Do not be afraid to express yourself. Do not be a doormat and a people pleaser.

#3 Testing their patience.

You give demanding requests and/or tantrums to see if your partner really cares about you and how will he go an extra mile for you. This is quite common for the beginning of new relationships if you want a proof that your lover is serious with you. However you must leave this habit on the next stages of love or you will annoy your partner eventually.

#4 Blaming him.

If you had a fight avoid putting all the blame on your partner. Both of you in one way or another committed mistakes. Do not point finger on a situation that both of you are involved.  Your partner would feel helpless, cornered, mad and hurt.
You must share the blame by giving him the emotional support he needs so badly during the moment.

#5 Silent treatment.

When you had some misundertanding you choose to ignore your partner instead of establishing a decent conversation to fix things. A lot of partners admitted that they would choose to sit down on a corner and murmur about how they feel rather than answer or talk to their partner.Never do that because you might make your partner feel miserable and there is a tendency that they will hate you at the same time.

#6 Unbalanced expectations.

Unbalance expectations from both parties will cause problems. Avoid thinking that he will expect less from you just because you have more time than him.

Roles of a husband and wife are in the same level and so does boyfriend and girlfriend. You have no right to demand for more and give less in a relationship.

#7 Monosyllables.

Avoid answering in monosyllables during your conversations. Doing so will make you look rude and so does answering with short words like “yes” or “no” and/ or “hmmm”. Avoid to use this terms even when you pretend to do something else to avoid the talk.

Always try to communicate decently with your partner. Try to answer back in open ended questions to keep the conversation going and for the both of you to interact and understand each other better. Conversations that has started with monosyllables has a tendency to lead to a dead minute or two. Frequent conversations like this will push the two of you apart.

#8 Do not act like a brat

Are you the type of gal who is used to having things her way each and every time? Your attitude might come up in random situations like when choosing a genre of movie or when you are choosing the place to eat. Your partner might find certain acts cute at first but it won’t be like that always. There will come a time that your partner will just snap because they will become sick of how childish you are.

#9 Making a scene in public.

Avoid making a scene in public. Yelling and humiliating somebody is a big no-no especially with your partner. You might be frustrated and may have a thousand reasons to do it but just don’t. Doing so will make him feel small and will do a lot of damage to their ego and that is something that might have a serious effect in your relationship.

#10 You lie.

Lying can be the result of a million reasons, however everything leads to the same thing. Lies has a negative effect in relationships and it eventually results to loss of trust to the other. Learn to speak nothing but the truth and lead a better life.

#11 “I don’t want to talk about it!”

Getting out a stressful situation might seem the best thing to do every time however putting aside all the serious conversations for later will just give you something to think about. Solve things as early as possible by talking about it with your partner. Take it slowly but surely.

#12 You get irritated really easily.

Do you constantly feel irritated with your partner even without reasons to? There could have been a slight reason for that however instead of entertaining the feeling, sit down and think hard why you are annoyed. You also have the option to tell your partner that you are annoyed, mention the reason behind it as well. This is the fastest way to avoid serious problems and to ease out all the worries.

#13 Almost every time is together time.

Do you do almost everything together? Do you love just bringing him together with you in any place you go to because you think it is the best thing to do? In reality doing things individually is better because you can still grow as persons. Living your own individual life is important to keep a space as people.

#14 You don’t give enough compliments.

Do you still remember the last time you gave a compliment to your partner? As times go by it will be so easy to overlook and take things for granted the little things that your partner does for you. Try to give compliments to your partner whenever possible and let them feel that you still admire them.

#15 Time for pals.

Are you subconsciously too attached with your guy that even him leaving with his friends annoy you? This is a common  issue with couples and things are even worst if the other has more friends than you or if you are a loner. However remember that you are still individuals who has a life to live. A little space every now and then would not hurt.

#16 No discussion of the future.

Do you have a common goal for the next years to come? Try to come to a conversation about the future for the both of you. Differences about certain things should not stop you from doing so. Try to reason things out. It can be hard but this is better than avoiding this things altogether. Hope this details will help you to avoid serious confrontations in the future. Avoid this 16 bad habits to have a good working relationship.