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Avoid Foods that Bring Belly Fat

By on November 24, 2013

When burning belly fat or even when trying to avoid adding extra fat on your tummy there are foods that you should avoid.

Exercise is often not enough to get rid of extra baggage on your belly. This type of fat is said to be the hardest to lose on your body, often due to the fact that there are a lot of things that can influence belly fat including stress. Stress can be the number one culprit to your fat although of course food can still be one of the reasons.  Before you realize that it is too late here are the top 6 foods to avoid when trying to get rid of belly fat:
1.  Soda

Soda contains empty calories that can easily increase belly fat. Totally unhealthy and definitely adds excess weight.  It also has a lot of sugar which is often in the form of high fructose corn syrup not to mention a whole lot of other additives. Your body will have a hard time burning this type of sugar especially in the belly section. High fructose corn syrup is wide known to be the cause of obesity.

The type of obesity from fructose is mostly seen in the abdomen. Even diet sodas won’t cut it because even those also contain artificial sweeteners that can contribute to bad health. Fresh pure water is okay to detoxify and help you to lose belly fat.
2.  Dessert

Calories and dessert can’t be separated. Your favorite part of the meal can add a lot of calories to your diet. Even low calorie or low fat desserts should still be consumed in moderation. Refined sugar which is contained in desserts often leads to weight gain. Consider eating fresh fruits instead of cakes, cookies, candies or ice cream.
3.  Fast Food

Fast food is a big no no when trying to lose weight or fat. Nothing in their menu can cater to your problem, actually it can actually be worst. Those burger, shakes and fries are full of calorie, fat an carbohydrates. Nothing is nutritious because they are cooked in fatty oils. This type of oil can contribute to obesity which is one of the leading cause of health problems.
4.  Milk

Milk might be the excellent source of calcium and a lot of other nutrients but it also has fats. As an adult you do not really need lots of whole milk unless you are sure that you want to gain weight. Even low fat or 2% milk variants has a high amount of calories and fat as well. If you are still up to drinking milk then try skim milk.
5. Potato Chips

A favorite snack of many, is full of trans fat. Most of the potato chips in the market today is cooked in hydrogenated oils. This type of oil can increase cholesterol which is bad for the heart and weight. Other chips on the other hand that don’t contain hydrogenated oil have good chances that it has high amount of fat from other oils they were fried in.

If you still want to give in to your desire of eating potato chips then choose the baked and low fat variant.
6.  Pancakes

Pancake along with the presence of syrup has a lot of fat and calories. Avoid this altogether and ear wheat waffles instead.