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Signs that your Man is Immature and will Never grow up

By on November 24, 2013

Every relationship has an adjustment period which entails the learning process. You start on knowing what you can and cannot deal with your partner. Things you must have and things you cannot live without occurs in this phase as well. However there are instances that guys just do not get it and they would never grow up and learn. Even gentle nudging won’t do. Here are some signs that your man is one of them:

1. He forgets to participate

You brought him to a dinner with your family and he just quietly sits there. Even if it was the most boring dinner in the world, it is clear that he is not a child anymore thus it won’t be acceptable for him to be sitting there like it is the end of his life while waiting for the dinner to be over. He is an adult and has a responsibility to take participation and interest in those around them during a social event. It will be embarrassing for you if he makes no effort.

2. He does not give enough foreplay

He is not a teenager anymore who masturbates to adult videos. He should not rush to sex and rushes to sleep after. Those are animal instincts that he should have overcome during his teens.

3. He is the type of guy who never plans

The guy who lets you keep his calendar. You need to remind him of his every move. A wedding day both of you are attending to, a sweet date etc. Anything.

He is indeed grateful and always go with what is planned but he never takes the initiative to make the first move. His mother might have babied him too much.

4. He does not stand up for you

There are times that someone will be so rude to you but he just sits somewhere and lets it happen. He does not make fun of it but he won’t take initiative to get out of his comfort zone to confront the person who is rude to you. His comfort is more important than your honor.

5. He is the type of guy who never worries

You are sick, and all he says is “that’s too bad…” He does not even call daily to check on your situation, ask to give company or to offer anything to bring over.  He treats it as nothing. He is so used to being taken care of by other people and not being the one who take care of other. Sadly, it could be a role he will never switch into.

6. He does not help out

There came a time where you hosted a  dinner party and all he did is to sit like a token boyfriend. He might be thinking that it is enough that he showed up for your friends to see that you are of course currently in a relationship. Again not the type of person who is mature enough for a relationship.

7. He doesn’t spend wisely

A quality of being a grown up is being good at making sacrifices for things that really matter. Forget about the vacation trip to pay for the rent, or at least making investments for the sake of the future. If your guy does not understand what spending wisely mean then he probably never will.