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Best Holiday Gifts for your Man

By on December 8, 2013

It is once again the Holiday season thus the season for giving. However if you are out of money and broke then you might feel frustrated, don’t fret though because there are things you can give even without lots of moolah.

A great smelling cologne, a cool gadget might be tempting but believe me there is so much to give and do that would not put you into debt.

1. Put it into frame

Look for a really good photo of the both of you and have a copy made. Find a great looking leather or chrome frame and place it in. A really nice frame can be as inexpensive as ten dollars..
2. Snap a Photo

Ask a friend to take good shots of you looking sexy. Make it clean, no over the top showing any sensitive parts of your body. Print a few pieces and you can either add them into a photo album or burn them into a CD. They are sure to warm his heart until spring season!
3. Create a Coupon Book

It does not matter if you just started dating or have been together for a couple of years. A coupon book is a great way to give something that can work for the both of you! You can make it yourself by writing them or you can have them printed.It can be about random stuff like “A day with guy friends”, “Get out of an argument” etc. It is all about getting creative.
4. Time to pamper him

A home pedicure is a good answer to his tiring schedule. Treat him to a peppermint foot scrub. Soak his feet in warm water while massaging his hands with an unscented lotion (no to flower or fruity scents). Dry his feet and use pumice to scrub  them. Rinse well and rub with the same lotion you used for his hands.
5. Treat him Naughty!

Create a kit with naughty tricks for him: blindfold, handcuffs, whipped cream. Get creative!

6. Burn a Mix CD

A CD with Christmas songs, pick from the most traditional (White Christmas or Winter Wonderland) to modern like Rudolph and fun and modern like The Christmas Song. Draw your own CD cover and make sure to include the year.
7. Treat Him to a Game
If he has a favorite sports team, you can probably find an affordable tickets to an off-day game or event. If it is still too expensive then you can purchase tickets to a non-pro team instead.
8. Make a Movie Date

Let him choose the movie he wants to watch and buy him popcorn, soda and sweets. Action? Horror? Plot less? Just pretend to enjoy it or better yet you will enjoy it for real!
9. Get a Buddy Gift for Him

If he will be getting something expensive soon it won’t hurt to get a companion for it. How about an itunes gift card for the new ipod touch he got from his parents? A car adaptor or a new case won’t hurt as well. If he will get a Wii, you can get him a new game you know he will like.
10. Give a Certificate

If your man has a favorite place to hang out then get a gift card for him. You can include a note that encourages him to spend a night out with his friends.
11. Make A DIY Ornament

An old school childish ornament for his christmas tree is cool. Reveal your artsy side and make something out of the ordinary. Felt pens, glitters, gems and pom poms will be awesome additions.
That’s right: get old-school childish and make him an ornament for his tree. Get out your crafts and make him something with felt pens, glittery gems, and pom-poms.
12. Take him to Ice Skating!

It will be fun! Look for an ice rink near you for skating. If there is no ice rink then how about roller skating? Wear your cutest skating outfit. A plus if you are really good at skating. Impress him with your skating skills.
13. Clean for a day

If he is living on his own, chances are his place is messy. You know how guys sometimes be too busy with a lot of stuff. Bring your own sponge, cleaners and work on it. If you are a little more generous, wear a lingerie while cleaning.
14. Fill one of his Stocking

If he has a sweet tooth, buy a stocking and fill it with goodies he is sure to enjoy. Much better if you know what his favorite sweet treats are. Go for cute stockings and embroider or glitter-pen it with his name.
15. Cook His Favorite Dish

Like what they always say, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” You can invite him over for dinner and make a little surprise him by making his favorite dish! He will love it that you exerted effort to make something he loves. It does not matter if you are not the best cook. If you don’t have enough guts to make a meal he loves then you can try making his favorite dessert.

16. Write a Sweet Love Letter

A sweet love note handwritten are so meaningful than the trendy emails and texts. Get a nice stationary and write a letter or make a list of things you really love about him. You can also opt to spray your perfume on the letter so he will remember you when he smells it.
17. Pack a Weekend Picnic

Picnics are romantic and it does show how much you care. Pack a basket with his favorite sandwich, chips, drinks and dessert. A pasta salad, your own recipe cookies and simple sammies would not cost much. A picnic will surely make a great memory.
18. Create a Scrapbook
Who says that Scrapbooks are just for girls?A book filled with special stuff and photos of you two together will make good clippings to your scrapbook. Souvenirs, plans, special events and accomplishments, poems, quotes and a personal letter are also awesome.

19. Order His Ultimate Favorite Magazine

A subscription to his favorite magazine is a great gift for anyone. Order a subscription to your guy’s fave magazine. It can be about his favorite hobby or past time. He might be surprise that you actually notice his interests.
20. Set of his favorite DVDs

If your man has a favorite series or movie then that can be a great idea for a gift. A certain band he really adore, a DVD of a special concert or tour of them. If you cannot afford a set then one or two DVDs is as possible and thoughtful.
21. DIY Gift!

If everything else is a no no how about a DIY gift? Get creative and make it unique. Something that you know he will always use or something decorative. A personalized mug, mousepad, wall art or tablet cover is cool.

There are just a lot of ways to show your affection and love without spending a ton of money. If you search for more, I am sure that you will still read a lot of other great ideas you can do! Do you also have the best inexpensive gift idea for your man? Care to share with us? Do comment below!