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Developing a Daily Routine in Drinking Tea to Lose Weight

By on December 21, 2013

1. Make drinking tea a habit. In order to fully get the advantages of tea, you’ll need to drink it everyday, as often as possible and plain. How can you drink it if it’s not convenient, tasty and easy?

The easiest way to get started is to have “tea supplies”. If you happen to spend 8 hours at work everyday then stocking tea is good idea as well as having your favorite mug and kettle.

Sugar, cream and milk should not be part of your tea routine. To lose weight on this habit, your tea should be plain (or at least at most of the time).

2. Substitute morning coffee with drinking tea. Instead of coffee, start your day with a cup of fresh tea. You can also save calories when ordering at a coffee house. Some coffeehouse drinks contains hundreds of calories unlike tea, what you see is what you get.

It is important that you drink your tea straight. Addition of milk to tea will neutralize it’s fat-stomping ability. Research also says that skim milk is the worst. This research is on cow’s milk. You can try almond or soy milk but it may had the same effect of what have mentioned above.

3. Drink unsweetened iced tea for lunch or dinner instead of soda. Diet sodas  has been said to actually have the opposite effect on weight loss. Sodium in diet sodas can make you retain water so choose a smarter alternative sugar-free iced tea. It is also ideal because if ever you need a caffeinated to wake you up in the middle of the afternoon, iced or hot tea will have the same effect.

Another thing about the power of drinking tea to lose weight is that you won’t be consuming anything else. Tea is low in calories (if you do it right) and will keep you from eating other higher calorie things. It has the same concept as losing weight by drinking water.

4. To satisfy an afternoon craving, try drinking tea. The EGCG properties in green tea has a glucose-lowering effect which influences your craving and may help control your hunger

5. Drink a whole glass of tea before dinner. Drinking tea right before dinner fills part of your stomach, that means you’ll be less hungry when it comes to food. Cool tea is important too. In order to be metabolized, cold tea needs to be heated up by the body. This expends more calories, in other words weight loss.

6. Drink a cup if herbal tea (decaf) before going to bed. Having a warm cup of herbal tea before going to bed  helps relax your body and brain. Also, a good night sleep contributes in losing weight.

Don’t drink tea too close on your bedtime, you might end up going to the bathroom and disrupt your sleep.

7. Drink at the right time. Some specialists says that teas should be taken at different times of the day to be able to take it’s full weight loss results. Although drinking it alone is good, try taking various types of tea throughout the day to see what best works for you.

White tea may block your fat absorption, so it’s best to drink it before lunch.

Bilberry balances your glucose levels, so it’s to be taken at dinnertime.

Oolong, pu-erh and green teas may get your metabolism going, so it’s best to drink them in the morning and also throughout the day.

8. Drink it while you’re on the go. These days, life is consumed by commuting the most. Turn this chance to enjoy by drinking tea. Have a thermos with you to make it convenient.

The more you drink tea the fuller you will feel.

9.  Think of your caffeine intake. Some teas have caffeine so be on the lookout for what type of tea you are buying. Try drinking tea with the least amount of caffeine.

You can just stick to herbal teas or shorten it’s brewing time. This is not really an issue to some but some are caffeine sensitive and high levels of it can lead to nervousness and insomnia.