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How to Keep Up with your Tea Diet

By on December 26, 2013

1. Even though starting a tea diet is a good idea, drinking tea alone is not enough, you also need a healthy diet for it to work. Let’s be honest here; if you’re new diet doesn’t show any quick results, it’s hard to stick to it. Drinking tea is a good thing to do for someone who wants to lose weight but you’ll surely get better results if you’ll have healthy diet to go with it. Drinking tea and healthy diet combined will surely help you lose weight anytime soon!

Whole grains, veggies and fruits would be the best partners of a tea diet. Making your own food and passing on eating processed foods means that you know everything that goes inside your body.

2. Never let yourself get bored. Drinking one type of tea might get boring for your taste buds. Goes the same with eating only one type of meal everyday. For you to keep up with your diet, try different teas, enhancements and flavors. It would be fun to choose the tea that matches your mood from your own cupboard.

If you want to treat yourself once in a while, you can add honey or agave nectar to your tea.  While this may go against your initiative to lose weight, it can be used as a treat once and a while to sweeten your tea.

Try a squirt of lemon to have a zestier tea or a splash of fat free flavored cream. The slice of lemon will help in improving the tea’s flavor. Another thing, a study said that people who drink black tea with lemon tea peel has reduced 70 percent likelihood of developing skin cancer.

3. Try new tea flavors. There are a lot of different flavor of teas out there. There are also many sources of tea and different brands and it’s I’m sure that you haven’t tasted them all. It is a lot of fun for a tea enthusiast to learn about new tea varieties, styles and flavors.

Try to check out the following teas below, all of them claims to help weight loss :

Peppermint tea : speeds up digestion and controls appetite

Star anise tea : can soothe an upset tummy and promotes digestion

Pu-erh (poo-air) tea : helps shrink fat cells (best to drink in the morning)

Chickweed Tea : a mild diuretic and reduces bloating (must only stick to one cup)

Rose Tea : contains lots of vitamins and prevents constipation

For us to stay true on our diet, we must only selects tea that we have to brew ourselves instead of pre-made teas. It is because some pre-made teas has tremendous amount of sugar which is not good with our diet.


4. Keep drinking tea mindfully. Your mind’s tendency to feel deprived and tendency to crave is what dieting is all about. Being mindful will help you remain calm and in control in your food choices, also in restoring your conscious eating habits. Try to keep it around and fight your temptations even if you’re not craving for tea.

5.  Learn and research about tea. Try researching about green teas. Check different articles and researches about them. This will help appreciate it more and understand how they help us lose weight.

Not all researchers though believes that drinking green tea (or any kind of tea) is a key for weight loss, every diet expert would agree that taking more water and tea into your system rather than drinking soda or eating a candy bar can help you move your digestion process quickly. Instead drinking tea will help you distract from eating much snacks that are unhealthy. Anyway, whether it’s miraculous or not it is still a good idea.