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Lose Weight with Water

By on December 27, 2013

Drinking water is good for our body. But who knew it could also help in losing weight? Check the steps below :

Do the Water Diet

1. Start with drinking water throughout your day. Drinking water will keep you feeling full without consuming snacks and high-calorie drinks. You may start to have the sensation of being full and you’ll eat less of snacks. On a daily basis, consuming lesser calories will help you speed up weight loss.

2. Make sure to drink a glass of water before eating every meal. In some studies about weight loss in overweight adults, improved weight loss results were seen on those who drank a glass of water before eating their meal; they consume fewer calories than those who don’t.

It has been shown that the effect of water on meal calorie consumption is more effective on older adults compared to those young adults. Despite of this, if you’re using water before eating a meal to increase weight loss, you should not forget to watch the amount and quantities of your food intake too.

To speed weight loss, it is recommended to drink a full glass of water before, during and after a meal to help aid digestion and speed up weight loss.

3.  Instead of drinking sweetened beverages, drink water. Replace smoothies, alcoholic drinks, drinking soda, and any other high-calorie drinks with a bottle or glass of water.

Drinking a zero-calorie drink instead of  a high-calorie drink will help you spare hundreds of calories per day, thus helping lose weight.

4. To speed up your metabolism, drink water. According to a study on water-induced thermogenesis, the researchers found out that drinking water causes an increase in energy expenditure in both women and men. This most likely because of the effort of the body to warm the water according to it’s temperature.

In the said study, carbohydrates were burned by women while  fats were burned by men to give energy in warming the water.

About 10 minutes after consuming water has elevated metabolism and it peaked at around 30 to 40 minutes after drinking.

5. Match your alcohol intake with your water intake. This would not count towards your daily water intake according to Water Diet. The matching of your water and alcohol intake would be in addition to your everyday goal.

6. To lose water weight, cut your salt intake and drink water. Taking a minimum amount of dietary salt (frozen foods or canned, lunch meat and table salt) will surely help you lose your water weight in no time when combined with drinking lots of water.

7.  Try following a short water detox diet. Diet plans and water detox includes short periods which involves important fluid intake that helps in flushing toxins out from your system and also in reducing bloating.

It usually promotes food which are naturally high in water such as leafy green vegetables, watermelon and soups.

8.  Combine your  water diet with a calorie-restricted diet. Limiting your daily your daily calorie intake (1500 for men and 1200 for women) and drinking 16ounces of water before each meal can help in starting your weight loss and help those in diet maintain their weight loss for up to a year successfully.

Do Water Fasting

1. Try to replace one of your meal with just water. If you haven’t tried fasting then start preparing your body for the fasting challenge.

You can try skipping your lunch and drink lots of water instead.

2. You can try to do a 24-hour water fast. Start it by removing foods and drinks which are high in fat, sugar and caffeine seven days before you begin water fasting.

3.  Start replacing your unhealthy foods with fresh produce, lean proteins and salads. Also, start to increase your intake of water each day until you are consuming at least half a gallon each day.

4. Find a safe water additive to balance electrolytes or try taking herbal supplements. To prevent water intoxication, it is often recommended to prune natural salts and supplements.

5. Drink green tea on your breakfast and seltzer water for your lunch. If you feel any hunger pains or discomfort, drinking additional water would help you. You can also add a squeeze of lime juice to your green tea or seltzer to have some flavor if you desired.