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Lose your Weight for Real

By on December 8, 2013

Is there any real weight losing tips? Some are just plain hard while others are too easy to work. Below are our own ideas on how to lose weight, whatever you do, the most important thing is to be consistent:

Change your lifestyle

There is nothing that will work if you won’t keep your promise to change your lifestyle. Keep your pledge to go on your diet. Do not leave the thoughts of a well-toned body for a plate of cupcakes at the office, a bite of cake or a pack of chips.

Swap the idea of all or nothing approach by exchanging one or two of your favorites to a healthy alternative. Natural peanut butter instead of chocolate spread anyone? It’s just as yummy, only more healthy.

Swap the fast food orders

Eating out in restaurants is not a good way to work into your diet. Cut once a week by ordering grilled chicken salad instead of a large bowl of pasta.

Skip Walking in the Salty Aisle

Running for groceries can actually break your diet. Stop buying your routine of unhealthy snacks. If you do not save up more junk foods you will be forced to get them in the store just to satisfy your cravings which is a big hassle. Spare yourself from all the worries and ignore your cravings.

Always eat a 300-calorie breakfast

Trust us, skipping breakfast is just not worth it. Never go without breakfast. Eat about 300 calories of healthy mix of protein and grains. Sandwich with natural peanut butter plus apple butter can keep your hunger down. You will tend to crave for more less snacks throughout the day which is a good thing.

Get fit in bits of exercise

Do small bouts of exercise whenever possible. Jumping jacks, crunches while it is still commercial breaks or dancing while washing the dishes can burn your extra calories in no time. There will be less chance for you to munch in front of the tv. Soon your clothes will fit way better than before and your body will be more toned than ever.

Kick  your bad habits

Smoking is one of the habits that might interfere with your hopes to lose weight. Why not change this habit with a good one like working out? An exercise can make you feel healthy , dropping more pounds would not be a big worry anymore.

Do a purge

Clean out your pantry. Remove and replace the old goodies that you used to indulge in like ice cream with low calorie snacks like cereals. It is not so hard to make better healthy choices, all you need is the will to do it.

Make happy hours healthy

Dipped fried dinners is a no no  during dinners. Make a big change by walking and running a local track instead to lose extra pounds.

Get jolly for the gym

Fill your mp3 player will loads of music that you can surely enjoy once you are in the gym. Happy songs will surely energize you, allowing you to increase speed when possible. It can also urge you to workout longer for you to hear all the songs in the playlist.

Splurge on more veggies

Eating is not a bad habit as long as you always add in vegetables to the mix. Pizza can be topped with green peppers instead of pepperoni. Eat more of this kind of stuff and you will forget about chips and sweet desserts in no time.

Run in order to lose weight

Running during daily lunch breaks can be your key to losing weight easily. 20 minutes of running daily for two months can shed you 20 pounds.

Relax and do yoga

Understand your body and you will have a better relationship with food. Practice several times a week and get in touch with your hunger cues. Know when to stop when you are already full.

More savings, forget about supersizes

When you are in fast food do not order large size meals. Satisfy your cravings even with just one item, a small pack of fries and a small box of chicken nuggets. Shave off pounds in weeks. Be thinner than when you are highschool, a good surprise for people in reunions.

Save room for your favorite dessert

Eat more of healthy snacks that feels light on the tummy. More carrots for dinner? Why not? You will have more space for chocolate and a glass of wine each night while still losing pounds in the long run.

Take a new class base on your interest

Want to learn how to dance? How about attending a class this week? Dance routines like Zumba can tone your muscles especially legs and abs. A heart pounding cardio workout can clear out pounds.

Moderated Night time eating

Stop eating after 6:30 pm and lose your baby fast. Get your sexy body back in as little as 2 months.

Walk with your dog

Walking your dog has its benefits. Even 10 minute will do, it will add up as long as you do it everyday. You can never wrong with morning walks.