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How to Choose the Right Hair Color For You

By on January 4, 2014

Want to change your look this year?  Well the easiest way for you to do it is to change your hair style. If you think that choosing the right color for you is that simple then you’re wrong. There are some things that you should consider in picking the right hair color for you. Scroll down for the tips!


First Steps

1 Know your skin tone. Check the color of your veins that can be seen on your wrists; if you can see them. Your undertone is cool if you have blue veins; you have warm undertone if you have green ones; and you are considered neutral if you have something that looks like in between these two. If ever you can’t see your veins on your wrist, you can try taking a photo outside with bright light of the day of your face that has no make up. Then eyedrop the color on any image editing softwares, here you can see if you have a warmer or cooler shade.

You suit darker colors if you have olive skin. It will appear fake if you go for something that is lighter than your skin color.

You should avoid shades of golden blonde or warm red if you have pink skin. To neutralize the coloring of your hair, you must stick to ash tones.

Apparently, people with pale skin suits any color.

On the other hand, people with darker skin tones are flattered with striking and bright colors, while they will look washed out with softer shades.

You shouldn’t go for very dark hair colors or black if you are extremely pale, you’ll look more pale. Dark hair also makes people with very pale skin look older.

You should be careful with gold, orange or yellow tones if your skin has yellow skin. It would be safer for you if you’ll have dark browns or deep reds.


2 Know what color of clothing best suits you. This is related directly in choosing your hair color.

You suit warm hair tones if you look good in orange, yellow, rust, olive green or red; such as hair tones like strawberry blonde, golden brown, auburn and golden blonde.

Cool hair tones suits you if your good with fuchsia, royal, blue, bluish red, pine green or black; such as ash blonde, burgundy, jet black, ash brown and platinum.

Neutral tones suit you if you look good with charcoal grey, red, purple, teal or periwinkle, such as beige blonde, mahogany, chocolate brown and sandy blonde.

3 Know the type of jewelry which looks best with you. It will determine whether you are warm, cool or neutral.
You have cool skin if silver jewellery suits you.

You have warm skin if gold jewellery suits you.

If both suits you it means you’re neutral.


4 Know the color of you eyes. Hair color and eye color are related to each other.

Those who has hazel or green eyes are best in warm tones like auburn, red and gold shades hair color. It’s because their eyes has a yellow base.

Those who has grey or blue eyes suits ash or light gold hair colors which are cooler-toned. Their eye color has blue base that is opposed to brown or yellow base.


Determining the Right Hair Color for You

1. Consider coloring your hair brown if you meet most of the following below :

If you have mousy brown hair right now. This minor change will just deepen your current hair color.

If you opt to have a low-maintenance hair color. Brown hair coloring could be bought almost anywhere and are most likely impossible to mess you up.

If you have damaged hair. It reflects well in light and it minimizes tresses and breakages.


2 Red. Red suits anyone but you should still consider the following below before coloring you hair red.

If you have pink or cool skin you might want to pull off purple-red or darker cold red.

Dark red-brown or dark natural auburn looks best with people who has olive or golden skin.

People with very pale skin suits anything with red to a natural ginger to bright unnatural red but just make sure that it suits your undertone.

If you have medium to dark skin postbox or bright fire- engine red will look very striking on you. Still, make sure to match it with your undertone.

If your hair is in good condition. The red color will fade quickly if you have damaged or dry hair.


3 Blond. Consider the following below before coloring your hair blond.

If you have natural blond hair. Golden blonde suits people with warmer skin tones and cold ashy tones suits people with cool skin tones the best. You can try any shade if you have neutral undertone.

If you could afford regular maintenance. Blond maintenance is expensive. You need toning products and regular root touch ups for this to last longer without being brassy.


4 Black. Consider the following below before coloring your hair black.

If you have darker skin.  Black is best with olive skin.

If you absolutely want black. This color is the hardest to lift.  It’s almost impossible for you to change back to your previous color without having your hair damaged if you have this color.


5 White or silver. Check the following things below before choosing to color you hair with these :

If you have cool undertones and very pale skin. Your pink skin tones will be neutralized with silver with ashy blonde tones. White, however, will just accentuate your pinkness.

If your skin is very dark cool-toned. It is stunning to see the contrast between the dark skin and white hair especially if you go with bold style with it.

If you’re ready to put a bunch of maintenance to you hair. Unnatural white or silver requires most upkeep compared to any other hair colors. Aside from the root touch ups and very regular toning you’re also required to use a strong hair dye that will cause less damage to hair. Another is that you have to regularly wash your hair because white and silver show grease as a pale yellow color, and washing will cause fading to it.

If your hair is in a very good condition or if you’re prepared to cut your hair short. Unnatural white and silver hair will cause more damaged compared to any hair color because the color is taken away from the hair strands without any replacements thus making it dry and brittle. It’s best to go to the salon for this because you need to bleach your hair to make it this light unless you are very used to in coloring your hair.