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Ways to Put Eyeshadow

By on January 20, 2014

You don’t need to be a make up artist for you to be able to put eyeshadow perfectly. These tips will surely help you on your daily make up routine in applying eyeshadow.

1 Pick your eyeshadow. Well there’s a lot of variety of eyeshadow out there in the market. The only thing to think about is how to choose based on their brand, hue and texture. It’s all up to you! Feel free to choose what you feel is the right one for you. Eyeshadow come in a number of colors and I’m pretty sure that you’ll find the color you like. These shadows come in cream forms, compact powder and loose powder.

Loose powder is the highly pigmented eyeshadow of all but they are also the hardest to apply because of their loose form. Cream shadows on the other hand are the easiest to put up but they come off quickly. Compact powder is the best to start with.

You need to have at least three shades of shadows with you because putting eyeshadow sometimes require light, medium and dark shades.

To look more natural, pick three shades that are neutral tones; but you can still pick the color you like if you want to match your style.

2 Choose the right brushes. You can use your fingertips though but it may have natural oils or too big for your lids making it harder for you in applying. I suggest you to save up for your makeup brushes for more convenient application. Sponge brushes  does not put well pigment at all so avoid using it.

Apply eyeshadow on your entire lid using a stiff flat brush. It’s good in picking up pigment and putting it up on the entire lid. In applying shadow on your crease, use a stiff of soft dome brush blending outwards. These must haves will help you achieve a smooth and even gradation from your lash lines to your brow bone.

In applying shadow that is close to your lash line use a soft pencil brush. It’s thin and small enough to help you apply eyeshadow on your upper and lower lash line and also on difficult areas like the inner corner of the eyes.

3 Know the techniques in applying eyeshadow. Using the right speed and brush strokes are the most important parts in putting eyeshadow. Speeding too much or doing the wrong brush strokes will create undesirable eyeshadow look.

When applying the first layer of pigment, instead of brushing it on your lid, pat it on. It will stick better and will look solid instead of patchy. Use slow short brush strokes that goes in the same direction to blend colors instead of sweeping the shadow fast across.

Never apply shadow up to your eyebrows unless it’s a highlighter color to avoid looking overdone.

4 Do your normal makeup routine. Since putting eye makeup is the last step, apply your normal makeup.

To help the shadow last longer, apply primer first. The natural oils of the skin will just seep the shadow and gather it along the crease if you don’t do it.

Always apply the eyeshadow first before the mascara.


Fanned Eyeshadow

1 Put the lightest color or highlighter shade, usually a creamy nude shadow. Using your stiff flat brush, put the shadow on the inner corners of the eyes, sweeping up and down enough to gather them on the upper and lower lash line. Slightly sweep some below on your eyebrows.

2 Put the middle hue. Pick the medium shade or the shade darker than the first one. Using your flat brush, pat it on the entire lid, starting from the lash line to the crease. Don’t go away above your outwards the corner of the eye or above your crease.

 3 Contour lid with the darkest shade. Using your dome brush, put shadow starting on the outside corner of the eye then sweep it in a half moon motion going up and around the center of the crease. Keep the darkest along the lash line, fading as it goes up. Using a angled fan, draw the eyeshadow up to the end of the eyebrow a little.

4 Blend the colors. Using a clean dome brush, blend the edges of the shadow to fade it in to the skin tone, do it too on the eyelid so that the three layers of color blend all together. Do this with soft sweeping strokes.


Rounded Style

1 Put the middle shade on your lid. Using a stiff flat brush, add a coat of middle tone on the eyelid, focused on the middle. This only needs the middle and darkest shades but you can still use a highlighter if you want.

2 Intensify your lid with the darkest shade of shadow. Using the dome brush, apply the darkest shade to the inner and outer half of the eyelid. It will have a dark-middle-dark kind of application across the lid. Don’t get the dark shadow too far inside the corners because it will give an illusion of sleepy circles under the eyes. You can try to put the outer edges of the shadow upwards up to the end of the eyebrows for a dramatic look.

3 Blend the colors. Using a clean dome brush,blend the two colors with a soft brush motion on your lid. Don’t bring the dark color too close to the middle of the eyelid because it will look muddy. Don’t forget to blend the outer edges too to avoid harsh sections.


Banana Style

1 Put the middle shade on the lid. Using a stiff flat brush, pat the shadow entirely on the lid. You can add a little smudge of highlighter color if you like to the inner corner of the eyes or below the eyebrows to brighten it up a bit.

2 Add the color of the crease. Using your pencil brush and the darkest shade, sweep the color back and forth on the entire crease to darken and make the eyes look deep set. You can try to do a normal banana with the shadow on the crease area only. Another is the closed-crease banana where the shadow runs down to meet the lash line. Keep the eyeshadow in a thin line over you eyelid.

3 Blend the shadows. Using a clean pencil brush, slightly make the outer edges blurry. Don’t blend them too much so that the eyelids maintain highlighted.