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How to Look Good While Wearing Glasses

By on February 7, 2014

Eyeglasses can make you look good if you wear them with confidence. Try the following steps below to look good.


1 Pick the good pair of glasses the suits your skin tone and face.
Frames comes in different styles and colors. Some are simple and seems to be invisible but others really takes attention from others. Don’t be afraid to try out various frames until you see one that you suits you.

 2 Choose the glasses that has the right size that fits you. It should fit you perfectly and you should feel comfortable wearing it. It should not lean, pinch or droop.

 3 Take good care of your hair and skin. Healthy clean skin looks good on every face especially to those who are wearing eye glasses. Always be sure to make your hair and skin fresh and clean. Avoid having blemishes and keep your hair smell fresh and look healthy.

4 Always clean your glasses. Clean your eyeglasses monthly or so. Always check if it has gunk or smudges on it’s lenses. If there’s any, remove them using a soft cloth, like a piece of felt or shirt. Be sure that the cloth that you are going to use is clean and don’t wipe it too firmly because you might scratch your glasses.

5 Take good care of your eyebrows. For cleaner brow shape, only tweeze the stray hairs.Don’t over-pluck. Even the tiniest mistake on plucking brows can make you brow-less. If that happens, rub a bit of olive oil to help it grow quicker. For the mean time, seek help from a professional make-up artist to pencil your eyebrows, for it to have the illusion of a normal thickness and shape. Don’t be afraid with the color and shape and anything, they are professionals so they can be able the right temporary brow color and shape you want.

Don’t pluck eyebrows daily. Even if new stray hair peek in, removing and plucking hair daily damages skin. Do it at least every other week.

Define your eyebrows with eyeshadow or mascara that matches the color of your eyebrow color or something lighter.

The best way to keep your eyebrows groomed and shaped is to apply some brow gel or Vaseline to tame them. Creamy formulas fill in brow shapes, color and controls.

6 Accentuate lips. A natural nice and smooth lips play up on giving your eyes that attention they need. For kissable and smooth look put Vaseline on your lips after brushing your teeth and just before you go to bed. During the day, use a gloss that has shimmer to have a sweet hint of color and lovable minty flavor on your lips. Apply it sparingly, a sheer light coat goes a long way. You may try colored lip glosses, put them over your lips for nice smooth and kissable shine.

7 Use eyeliner to define eye shape and create a look of thicker lash line. If it was put incorrectly eyeliner may look tacky and eyes will look smaller.

If you have naturally small eye shape try using white pencil (apply them on your inner rim of the lower lid). This will enhance the color and shapes of your eyes. If you want a natural look (recommended) put a soft shade of black or dark brown eyeliner to the top lid as close as possible to the lash line. Put a matching color of mascara or just simply clear mascara.

For funkier look, try with light-handed and thin lines of jade, gold or blue liner on your top lash line and a little on the outside bottom lash line. Pair this with a clear (or with shimmer if you want something bold) mascara or just go with a natural shade.

Pick a cute hairstyle. You can think of your new look based on the frame of your glasses.

8 Have confidence and smile. This may be the most important thing. The best you can do to make you look great in your glasses is to feel that you look great on them. A sweet smile can bring out the best of your features and your confidence can make everyone look more attractive.



Don’t completely pass over contacts, if you don’t feel like wearing glasses, ask your doctor and even your parents if you can use contacts. Just keep in mind that there’s nothing wrong on wearing eyeglasses.

Keep in min that glasses are just the same as other accessory, glasses frame your face and when you choose the right pair of glasses they can make you look so cute!

Look for something cheaper. Glasses may be a little pricey. Check some sites for good deals. Remember to wear them daily to make sure you love them even they cost a bit higher. You can use them after some years if you’ve taken good care of them.

If you don’t wear makeup, just tweeze your eyebrows. They are important for clean and stylish overall look. Vaseline may be a beauty essential; put some on your lips, put them to make your eyebrows shaped, and put mascara by putting some on your fingers and put them carefully to your lashes. Vaseline is non-comedogenic (don’t block pores), that’s why it can be also used as night treatment on dry skin.
In choosing glasses, pick it as if you are picking your perfect sunglasses. It must fit your face shape. See into unusual choices like patterned or rimless frames. Other frames like round frames, rectangular frames and aviators does not fits all types of faces.



Avoid over-plucking your eyebrows. It’s easier to just tweeze them. If over plucked them, go to your trusted stylist. It’s actually better than going out from home looking shocked. If you are unsure, just wax them often, they just pluck some hair strays that goes outside the waxed shape.