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How to Make Large Pores and Blemishes Disappear

By on February 9, 2014

Large pores may always appear even if you take care of your face very well which also contributes on the appearance of blemishes which make them look bigger. If these bother you below are some steps in making them shrink.


How to Make Your Pores Smaller

1 Wash your face daily but don’t over wash. Pore become larger when they are cloges with bacteria, dirt and oil which makes them inflamed. Always wash your face but not too often. Once every morning and once every night. This will help your pores look smaller and feel better.

2 Put ice cubes on your face. Gently put the ice cubes on your pores for about 15-30 seconds. This will give a tightening effect on the skin.

3  Use a baking soda paste. Makeup artists swear that using baking soda can help minimize the appearance of large pores at the same time fighting acne. If you happen to  have sensitive skin, use baking soda with caution because it may irritate skin.

Mix warm water and baking soda with equal parts (2 tablespoons for each) to make a paste. Use a circular motion while massaging the paste onto your pores gently for 30 sec. Rinse it off with cool water.

Do this together with your daily face-washing routine every end of the day for five to seven days. After doing this for a week, make it three to five times per week.

 4 Use  a washcloth that has pineapple juice and lemon juice. Firmly put the washcloth on face for about a minute. Rinse your face with warm water. Pineapple and lemon has natural enzymes that helps firm and tighten the face at the same time brightening and purifying our skin. If you happen to have sensitive skin, use moisturizer before doing this regimen to be sure that the citrus won’t break you out. Lemon specifically can shrink and cleanse pores.

5 Use light scrub. Facial scrubs, opposed to facial wash, has very small beads or any massaging implements that helps on unclogging pores. Some light scrubs could be used every night instead of facial wash.

In case you are using scrub don’t use wash afterwards. It’s ‘either’ or ‘or’. Too much washing of face can lead to redness and irritation, and the pore- reducing regimen may become useless.

6 Use yogurt mask. Plain yogurt has probiotics and lactic acid that when applied to our skin, helps keep bad bacteria which causes acne on check and reduce the appearance of pores.

Put plain yogurt as a thin layer on face and let it stand for five to ten minutes. If it was left for more than ten minutes, it can irritate skin.

Do this once a week. Just like other masks, less is actually often more, so stop thinking that exfoliating constantly is needed.

7 Eat healthy foods. Eat food that are whole grains, rich on lean proteins, vegetables and fruits and also omega-3 fatty acids. Drink lots of water instead of caffeine-laden or sugary drinks. Don’t take excessive dairy and milk, it have hormones which makes acne worse.

Get lots of Vitamins A and C and also B-vitamins. Vitamin C helps minimize scars, wrinkles and lines; vitamin A does the same. Oranges make skin firmer and rebuilds collagen that contributes in increasing skin elasticity and reducing pore walls. Tangerines does the same.

8 Use beta hydroxy and alpha acids or AHAs and BHAs. AHAs and BHAs are chemicals. They make the binding porperties of lipids weak which keeps dead skin cells of the outer skin together even after they come off. BHAs are better on pore penetrating because of their lipid-soluble characteristics, which means that they can cut sebum or oil on pores.

Use them every 4-6 weeks. Just like masks, less is more.


Solutions on Making Acne Less Visible

1 Use lemons to reduce acne. Lemon’s citric acid attack pigments on skin which are responsible for red or discolored acne, which evens it out. Lemon juice will make them less visible but at the same time it can lighten skin tone and make you prone to sun damage so don’t forget to wear sunscreen when going out.

Mix lemon juice and tomato juice and put them to your face using a cotton swab regularly. Rinse it with cool water after about ten minutes. This will reduce acne and lighten facial hairs.

Mix 1tbs lemon juice and 2tbs honey with a pinch of tumeric. Rinse it with cool water after ten minutes. This mixture goes well if always applied.

Rub lemon peel that has bit sugar to skin. Let for ten minutes before rinsing with cool water.

2 Use sandalwood powder paste to reduce acne. Mix water and sandalwood powder to create paste then put it to your face. Set it for ten to twenty minutes before washing it away with cool water.

3 Rub banana or papaya peel on skin. Leave it for about 15minutes before rinsing with cool water. Your acne will be smaller or may be less visible.

Banana and papaya has enzymes bromelain and papain on addition to any other acids which minimizes acne.

4 Try rosehip oil. Very effective in battling acne redness, it can be used in low doses on face for about 15 minutes daily before rinsing with cool water.




Before starting be sure that you have clean hands.

Never prick blemishes. Any skin disturbance no matter what the size is will irritate the place where it occurred. Touching face as less as possible is the best you can do to prevent possible scarring.

Hands has plenty o natural oil produced by the skin that may clog pores and even produce more.

Be sure that the products you are using are not rotten or expired.

Don’t let lemon juice get into your eyes, citric acid burn.

There are skin products that work, a good example is Neutrogena.




Don’t do all remedies at the same time. Do this one at a time. Using them at the same time can make your condition worse.

If any method gives you pain or discomfort, stop using it. Pain is how body tell you stop.