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Newspaper Nails

By on February 9, 2014

Nail may be difficult at first, but you only need practice to make good outcomes. You can personally make incredible one yourself while you’re at home. On this article you’ll know how to create newspaper nails that may be interesting to read on your own fingertips.


1 Arrange the things you are going to use. A piece of newspaper, base coat, light colored nail polish, top coat, cotton swabs, rubbing alcohol and nail polish remover.

2 Using a mild soap, wash your hands just before you start painting your nails. This will take off dirt and oils on your nails.

3 Put a base coat on your nails. The base coat will make the nail polish stay longer and make the surface smooth for the nail polish. Wait until it is completely dry before applying the first coat of nail polish.

4 Paint your nails using a light colored nail polish. Be sure that it is completely dry before following the next step.

5 Pour some rubbing alcohol on a cap or a small jar where you can put your fingers in.

6 Dip each of your nail onto the rubbing alcohol on the jar or cap for around five seconds each.

7 Take your newspaper. Using a small piece of it, firmly press it on the nail for a couple of seconds.

Carefully peel it off from the nail. You will see the ink that came from the newspaper go to your nails.

8 Put a top coat on nails. Top coat will protect your nail polish from coming off and at the same time add some shine to your nails.

9Take a cotton swab and dip it on some nail polish remover. To take off any excess nail polish that may gotten past your nails while putting it on. Be careful not to let the swabs touch your nails.


If rubbing alcohol is not available you can use either vinegar or vodka.

You can try using the comic sections or the horoscope symbols, any part of the newspaper you want will do.

Instead of dipping your finger, you can dip the newspaper instead on the alcohol.

Avoid using dark colored nail polish, the print of the newspaper won’t be that visible compared to the light colored nail polish.

Books pages could also be used.

Firmly press the newspaper on your nails. If not, the ink won’t be that evident since it was not transferred completely.

You may also use a music sheet instead of your newspaper.

You may use parts of photos on the newspaper.

Use different parts of newspapers on every nail.