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Tips for Quick Make-up

By on June 21, 2014

Make-up helps to enhance your beauty by adding perfect look into your features. Your habit to eat healthy and live good lifestyle benefits a lot to provide natural glow and beauty on your skin. Mineral makeup is good for summer to prevent skin damage. In present busy life, women do not have much time to spend on make-up. So our tips for quick make-up will help you to get ready in few minutes.

Use foundation mix with moisturizer: Apply foundation mix with moisturizer on your skin. It will help to hide acne and dark circles on face.

Do Eye make-up: Eye make-up is essential to make eyes more pretty and beautiful. Apply mascara on eye lids to express it well. Also use kajal to make eyes looks bigger.

Glam up your liner: Instead of using basic eyeliner, go for one that’s spiked with flecks of shimmer.

Use blusher: Apply blusher on your cheeks to give a pinkish shade to it. It will provide a natural look to your face.

Lipstick does a magic: Apply lipstick shade of your choice to make lips look stunning. Lighter shades tend to make lips look bigger and poutier. Pick a lip liner shade you like and fill in your lips with it, topping it with a similar colored lipstick or gloss.

Healthy Habits: If you consistently live a healthy lifestyle, chances are you would not have as many problem areas to cover up with makeup. The more sleep you get the less red eye and under eye circles you will have. Eating healthier, drinking enough water and regular exercise typically results in clearer acne free skin. This is all easier said than done, and yes we all have those late nights and junk food splurges once in a while, but overall sticking to a healthy routine will save you infinite makeup application time in the long run.