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Ways to Improve Friendship

By on June 7, 2014

Friendship is the most precious and true relation in our life. Everybody have lots of friends, some are best buddies whereas others are just friends. But it is not easy to keep this relationship in same way for long time. You have to give your valuable time and some little efforts to improve friendship. The ways that can help you to keep your friendship alive are described below:

Meet your friends

Spend time with your friends. Try to give some time from your busy schedule to go out with friends and to meet them. It is a simple way to be in contact and share your matters with your closed ones.

Give them surprises

To add some memorable moments in your friendship, plan to give surprises to your friends occasionally. It will show your love and respect towards friendship and will also increase the happiness of your friends.

Greet your friends on special days

Make it a habit to greet your friends on special days like birthday, festivals, and anniversary. It shows that how much you value and care for your friends. This kind of attitude of yours will make the bond of friendship much stronger. It is the best option to keep your friendship alive.

Feel good about you

Friendship is not just about your connection with others, it is about your understanding of yourself, too. Developing your self-esteem and a realistic self-image are key ways to nurture your friendships as self-criticism and vanity can hinder potential friendships.

Talk to them once or twice a week

Distance is not good for any relationship. It only does two things either it takes you away from them or makes your negative image in their mind. Communication is the need of every relationship which is the way to be in contact with your loved ones. Try to talk to your friends once or twice in a week if they are at far distance from you.

Let down your barriers

Friends feel more valued when they know they have your trust. Be open and let your friends in your secrets and more importantly, enrich their lives with your experiences for them to return the friendly gesture.

Invite them in parties

Get together with friends always makes you feel good and happy. It reminds all the beautiful moments and fun you have done together. So never miss the chance to invite friends in your parties. In this way you and your friends can enjoy the pleasant time and you all come to know what new is going in your lives.