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Why do Women Cheat

By on June 16, 2014

Love is the best feeling in world. People feel happy and at the top of the world when they are in love. Relationship is easy to start but not that easy to maintain. It needs lot of care, time and mutual understanding of two persons to have a prosperous relationship. Sometimes women get frustrated from their relationship and want to end it. There are many reasons for infidelity such as revenge, boredom, the thrill of sexual novelty, sexual addiction. The most common reasons for which women cheat are as follow:

Lack of love: Lack of love in relationship is the major cause of infidelity by women. If the partner lose interest in her or do not give valuable time as before, she may make this decision of separation. The irresponsible nature or sudden change in nature and love can encourage her to take this step.

Careless partner: Nowomen can tolerate ignorance of her partner. If you realize her that she is burden for you then she try to find her own way by which she can make herself and her partner happy and end of relationship can be the right way for it.

Emotional stress: Emotional stress sometimes increases negative waves in women. Stress of work, family causes various diseases in women. Regular fight with partner, misunderstanding gives emotional stress to women and she wants to get rid of it which can be common reason of women cheat.

Depression: Depression in women changes her life a lot. The female physiological response to stress is different. Women produce more stress hormones than men do, and the female sex hormone progesterone prevents the stress hormone system from turning itself off as it does in men. A woman cheats when she is no longer romanced.

Unloyal partner: Every woman wants a loyal partner. Untrustworthy attitude of men insist women to take decision of ending the relationship.