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Cancer in Women – Causes, Precautions and a Cure

By on August 31, 2014

prevent-breast-cancerCancer in women:

Recent studies have shown that different types of cancer caused by cell growth and breast cervical, vaginal, ovarian, and colon cancer are the several types of cancer normally found in women. There are many chances that these cancers go to the sorry stage but the warning signs of cancer able to prevent them from occurring. So as a woman you should have to be aware of the warning signs so your life will be saved before it takes the last stage. Life is a precious thing that nobody wants to lose and with earlier start of the treatment your life can be saved but all is depend on your own hands as you consult to doctor soon as possible you may be getting more effective results. There are chances that you might not have it but awareness of Cancer helps you beat it faster. Here are some of warning signs that whenever you experienced you should consult to doctor immediately.

Symptoms, Causes, precautions and cure of several cancers:

Breast cancer:

Breast cancer is extremely life-threatening only 1to 3 percent patient are cured in stage IV breast cancer. Women suffering from breast cancer feel the server pain on those part where the tumor has spread, the redness of skin, the shape of nipple’s and swelling are the main symptoms that every women should have to know. There is no one specific cause of this disease and awareness and early detection of this disease can help patient in good manner. Increase of age and family history and the race are some causes of this cancer. And the treatment about this disease is related with the stage of it. The most common treatment is the breast removal surgery.

 Vaginal Cancer:

Hormonal changes are part of every woman’s life that can be happens in different stages of life but the regular vaginal bleeding is not good. There should be many other reason of vaginal bleeding but when there is abnormal bleeding and one loses more than the common quantity of blood, it could be a reason for worry. There are two ways to treat this cancer first traditional medicine as antibiotics used by both pregnant woman and women that are not pregnant as antibiotics. Second the natural treatment option to treat the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis.

 Ovarian Cancer:

Ovarian symptoms are unlikely to be detected as there are silent symptoms of this cancer.

  • Extreme pains in the abdomen
  • Profuse bleeding internally
  • Painful sexual intercourse
  • Weight gain
  • Inability to conceive a child
  • Heavy menstrual flow
  • Painful bower movement
  • Changes in menstruation cycle

These are the symptoms that unnoticeable until they are found during medical examination.Conventional medicine can help you for this disease but unfortunately history shows that the vast majority of cysts will still recur so undergo surgery is advised by doctors.

Colon Cancer:

This is the most dangerous types of cancer around and the symptoms of it are blood in the stools or rectal bleeding, pain in the stomach, different bowel movements, unexpected weight loss, exhaustion and feeling of fatigue and feel like to defecate but not.  Physician can help the patients in good manner for this colon cancer only patient should take compete and regular treatment procedure.