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Why Do Guys Cheat and What to Do About It

By on August 18, 2014

mencheatThe base of any relationship is trust, loyalty, love and care. But sometimes due to some reason guys actually cheat their partners and most of the people think that the sexual dissatisfaction is the only reason for guys to cheat their partner but the fact there are so many other reason which becomes the cause of this cheating. It is really weird and frustrating for women to experience that someone who was so madly in love with her suddenly loses interest for her. You can deal with this situation just by finding out the reason for this ignorance.

Some of the reasons why do guys cheat are as follows:

  • Boring: Guys feel boring soon with your talks about work and your sitcoms. For a change or to run away from your boring attitude they cheat.
  • Lack of Maturity: This is the most common reason of cheating they are immature and not ready to be in relationship and they came to realize this after they get committed to someone.
  • Insecurity: Boys generally cheat when they are not sure they can be with the present girl for whole life then they just cheat.
  • They got drunk: Alcohol can make anybody do anything. Boys usually get drunk and in hangover they just cheat upon the girl.
  • Looks: When boys find that their girl friend is not quite attractive and they deserve much better than this. Then they try looking for new gorgeous girl who meets their aspirations.
  • Revenge and Jealousy: Sometimes guys try to teach a girl some lesson they she has done something wrong in her past so they just make her fell in love with him and just cheat to break her heart.
  • Calling too much: Some guys get irritated with the constant involvement of girl in every matter so they just want to get rid of everything and live the life of satisfaction so they just cheat.
  • Being too available
  • A bad sense of humour
  • No respect for the need for space
  • No respect for boundaries


Just overlook and move on that is what everybody does but it is not love. You should do everything to save your relationship. In worst situations you just have to  teach a lesson so that the same heart breaking situation is never arise to any other girl. If there is even a little bit chance of making things normal then just do it if it’s not then just move on.