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Pros and Cons of Hair Coloring

By on August 9, 2014

haricolEvery woman is very fond of to try new looks by changing hair style and hair color.  No doubt, hair coloring or dye provides different and beautiful looks to you but there are various side effects of it. Color can be either permanent or temporary, depending on how comfortable you are committing to having your hair color altered. Pros and cons of hair coloring are described below:


  • Hair color looks cool and different. It gives you classic and unique looks than other.
  • Hair color helps to thicken each hair strand thus providing more body and volume to hair and is great if you have thin hair and want to give the illusion of thickness
  • Hair color loosens the natural curl pattern of hair. This is an advantage if you have very coily hair and find looser curls easier to manage.
  • A permanent hair dye can be used for darker color because it will not fade.


  • The stronger, more permanent dyes weaken hair and is not ideal if you hair is already damaged.
  • Maintenance is required after coloring your hairs. Full-head color needs to be touched up every four to six weeks and highlights every eight to ten weeks.
  • Use temporary hair dye instead of permanent hair color as it is the ideal solution for someone planning to attend a Halloween party or some other occasion where a dramatic look is required. There is no long-term commitment because the color washes out relatively fast.
  • It frequently dries hair out. And you know black hair tends to be dry enough all on its own.
  • Dyes can cause allergic reactions or discolor your own skin.
  • From hair coloring, you might not get the color you want.
  • An individual can try a new color without making a long-term commitment. As if you want blonde hair to change into a brunette then temporary color can be tried out instead of making a huge leap.
  • New growing hairs look different to the dyed hair and on some it looks silly.
  • Hair coloring is expensive than hair styles and trimming so make this decision by keeping your budget in mind.