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Spring Hair Care Tips

By on August 3, 2014

spimnrhairSpring weather can have different effect on hairs and skin as the weather starts to warm up and the humidity in the air increases.Now it is time to take more care of your hairs and to change your habits of conditioning it. You have to make some changes and adjustments to the way to condition it, wash i or dry it.

Do not stop conditioning but if you deep condition once a week in the winter months then change it to every other week. Spring’s influx of humid weather can leave bad impact on your hair if you do over-style on your hair during this weather. Hair can become flat and squelch even the most zealous efforts at styling. Try to avoid various styles, no matter what texture your hair has naturally because spring is not the time of year to force your tresses into an unnatural style. Some other tips for spring hair care are as follows

Wash with warm water

Spring’s refreshingly temperate weather can be a cleverly disguised cause of hair havoc. Hot air opens the hair cuticle, which leads to split ends, breakage, and duller hair color. Plus, most hair products make your head feel like an oil slick when exposed to hot weather.

Deep Conditioning
Regular deep conditioning is as important during the spring and summer as it is in the fall and winter. While you may not need to deep condition your hair as often, a monthly treatment can help keep hair soft, conditioned, and prevent damage. If you use a heavy daily conditioner in the dry season, try changing to a lighter moisture or balancing conditioner.

Don’t straighten daily

It’s not easy to eliminate the entire frizz on a daily basis, especially when the weather doesn’t cooperate. A little fuzz on the top or framing your face looks completely natural, and some prefer that look over the perfectly smooth curls. Don’t waste too much time and product trying to flatten the frizz.

Don’t brush wet hair

Don’t use comb to brush when your hair is wet. Pulling on fragile wet strands causes breakage whether your hair is straight or curly. Brushing or combing your hair pulls out curls.