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Things Women Hate in Men

By on August 3, 2014

hateitidoRelationship of couple depends on many things. Mutual understanding, liking, disliking, attitude, love are various factors play important role for healthy relationship. Woman looks for various qualities in man and there are some of the habits and behavior facts of men which most of the women don’t like at all. The common things women hate in men are described below


Argument is something that can easily turn to fight so you want to avoid it at all costs. It does not matter who wins as it can ruin your relation. So do not turn every conversation or discussion into an argument.

Female friends

Women like to test their men by observing how they socialize with their girl-friends. It’s a tough balancing act. On the one hand you have to appear friendly, charming and likeable to her friends. But do not behave or show so much care for other women as she never likes it.

Way of expressing

Way of expressing must be elegant of men according to women. There are some men who just cannot express themselves without having to resort to swearing. You must speak politely and gently to express yourself, don’t abuse or become hyper as women hate it.


Never become over possessive about your partner. No woman going to like if you turn from protector to dictator on her. Don’t try to control specific aspects of her life as personal space is also essential. If you do so you might actually end up suffocating her.

Lack of romance

Women do not like men who are not being romantic. She wants true romance with emotions and wants her partner to feel same. If a woman realized that his man just comes to her for sex then she starts avoiding him.

Irresponsible attitude

Women like men who are responsible and have ability to commit. Irresponsible attitude can be one factor to hate men by women.  So it is important for man to be serious about everything and show loyalty.