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10 Ways to Look Girly

By on September 10, 2014

y-420x470If you are desired to look more girly, here we come up with the best 10 ways to look girly:

Wear Girly Colors:

Always choose girly and bright colors like hot pink, yellow, orange. These colors add stylishness in your personality and make your feel more adventurous.  You can choose girly shades such as pastels, purple and also can add the dark colors in your wardrobe to look more stylish and stunning.

Choose Girly clothes:

To have the best girly looks you need to choose the right dress which suits your personality and body. Dresses of all lengths are recommended for the stunning looks.

Right pattern of Jeans or Skirts:

While choosing jeans, always go for light washes and fitted ones. If you are choosing skirts to wear, make sure it is not too short and go for wavy and bright colors always. Make sure when you wear anyone of these, their pockets aren’t hanging out.

Right Choice of Tops or Shirts:

Tops add good style to your personality but make sure not to wear tops or shirts which are too tight or loose. You can choose styles like halter tops, spaghetti straps, t-shirts, tank tops etc.

Matching Accessories:

For stunning looks by enhancing your dresses by adding accessories like jewellery, belts, beads, anklets, funky pendants , bracelets etc. These are the best things to glam up your dress and to be got noticed.

Wear Lip Gloss and Light Make up:

This is considered as the best way to look girly. Use light colour lip gloss which can nourish your lips and make them shinning. Make sure not to wear too much make up, just keep it simple so that it can give you fresh look. Paint your nails with some funky pattern with different colours and don’t forget to have stylish hair styles.

Capri and Long Skirts:

You can also wear Capri and long skirts which not only add decent look but also help those having heavy thigh problem. You can wear white Capri which enhance your beauty and is very color for the eyes.

Girly Footwear:

Footwear adds an edge to your looks so it is very important to wear right type of footwear that according to your personality. You can wear flats, heels, flip- flops or boots, you can also try out sneakers.

Stay Healthy and Fit:

If you are not healthy and fit, doing all above things could be waste. So the first thing you need to do is be healthy. A healthy soul resides in the healthy body and this is the way having good personality. Be active, do exercise, and don’t starve yourself which can lead to anorexia.

Girly Behaviour:

Girls are blessed with the gift of innocence and softness in them. So always try to maintain that decency in you and behave in good and soft spoken manner.

These are some tips for you to look more girly. Just be confident in whatever you wear. The best style is only one and that’s yours.