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Exactly What You Should Do When You Get a Cold

By on September 15, 2014

coldflu8-420x470Most of us get caught by cold twice or thrice a year and somehow unintentionally it gets spread to everyone else in our surroundings. But it is sad that there is no way to get rid of cold once you got caught in it. The traditional way is to take rest and wait for the time till medicine kills the virus. But nobody wants to remain get caught by the cold for longer, here we are giving you information about so many ways through which you can speed up your recovery from cold and take care of yourself when you get sick.

Exactly What You Should Do When You Get a Cold:

Here are some tips that you should follow while you got caught by cold:

Proper Sleep:

The best way to get rid of this irritating cold is to take proper sleep. Because when you get cold your body become tired of fighting with this pesky cold so you need to sleep properly to give your body proper rest so that it can help in easy recovery.

Drink lots of water:

It is a fact that when you become sick food and water do not taste good and start avoid drinking as much we usually drink in our daily routine. This eventually makes our body dehydrated and it becomes harder for our body to recover earlier. Hot or warm water is highly recommended to drink as it helps in soothe your inflamed throat and nose.

Wash your hand properly:

As we are all aware of the facts that the germs of cold spread through the touch so it is highly recommended to wash your hands especially after coughing and sneezing into your hands? Avoid touching your eyes and contacts with others.


It is considered as the best way to clean and soothe your inflamed throat. Gargling with salt water can really help in getting your aware from your sore throat.

Blow your nose properly:

Letting the mucus of cold into your head instead of blowing it out can make your cold worst and can cause pain in your forehead, eardrums and throat too. So it is recommended to blow your nose properly to so that your nostril gets clear.

Get steamy:

Getting moisture in your nose and body can also help in recovery from the cold as cold blossom in dry condition and dry air dries your throat and nose which result in leaving behind you with scratchy throat. So always take steam to heal your nose and throat pain.

Eat properly:

Taking proper food is really helpful in getting better more quickly from this irritating cold. Chicken soup can really help in quick recovery and also avoid ice creams, soft drinks and dairy products.

Use mentholated salve under your nose:

You can use vapour rubs or mentholated salve as these can help in breathe properly and helps in getting relief from painful dry nose.

Hope all these information can help you in getting out of cold easily and quickly. Don’t forget to exercise and eat properly. If you take proper care of your body, your body itself protect you from all diseases.