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Fatigue Causes in Women

By on September 15, 2014

WOMEN-HEATH-CARE-home-remedies-goindiya-blogspot-in-10Women are considered to be more prone to fatigue than men due to more stress of balancing between home and career. These days life is becoming more busy and stressful for women as they have to work continuously whether physically or mentally. There are so many reasons for fatigue in women but the most serious reason is unhealthy eating. Psychological cases such as depression and stress also cause fatigue in women. Most of us are not aware of the causes of fatigue; in this article you will surely get useful information which can help you in exploring the reasons of fatigue in women.

Causes of Fatigue in women:

Lack of Sleep:

Sleep is meant to give rest to our body and mind but if we do not take proper sleep it may result in fatigue. Scientifically our body needs at least 8 hours of sleep as our body is meant to be sleep at night but if you don’t take proper sleep you might be sleepy in the morning. So don’t forget to take proper sleep to relax your mind and body as lack of sleep can cause severe fatigue.

Sleep apnoea:

This is the condition in which your throat gets close and narrow during sleep and cause interruption in breathing. Due to which you start snoring in sleep which slow down the oxygen level in your blood.

Lack of nutrition:

Our daily routine consume large amount of energy from our body. Only proper diet can help in giving proper nutrition to your body. Lack of nutrition makes body weak and so it becomes the reason of fatigue.


Stress is also one of the biggest causes of fatigue as due to stress thousands of thoughts keep on going in our mind which results in lack of proper sleep which eventually results in fatigues.


The depression is the situation in which you feel very sad and get fed up of your life. When you in depression in which you body drained out your energy and cause lack of sleep and tiredness which eventually cause fatigue.


Anaemia is the condition when our blood has iron deficiency. It is one of the common causes of fatigue; it is the situation in which body has deficiency of red blood cells due to which our body doesn’t get sufficient oxygen to your tissues and organs.

Underactive thyroid:

This is the situation in which you have less thyroid hormone in your body due to which you feel tired and fatigue. Due to underactive thyroid you start putting weight and have severe pain in muscles. It is most common in women and becomes the reason of growing age.


Diabetes is the condition when the sugar level in our body increases. The key symptoms are feeling thirsty, going to toilet a lot and weight loss. So diabetes is also the common cause of fatigue

Apart from all above points there are so many other reasons, so the best way to get yourself free from fatigue and tiredness you must eat healthy, get proper sleep and grab some time for yourself.