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Look Younger Secrets

By on September 15, 2014

Image18Everyone wants to look younger and having glowing and fresh body for longer time. It is a fact that with growing age, our body start functioning slow. We can achieve a radiant and glowing skin with the help of some natural techniques and exercises. More you protect your skin from harmful rays and environment pollution more you will look younger and fresh. You can also use some modern techniques and dressing style to look younger and stylish. This article will surely help you in making your skin glowing and looking more fresh and healthy through natural as well as modern way.

Let’s have look on some tips to look younger

Balanced Diet:

A balanced diet is the best way to keep your body healthy as through this our body consume all the vitamins and proteins which energize your body. Green vegetables and fresh fruits in your diet supply antioxidants to your body as these antioxidants protect cells of your body from damages and slow down the aging effects. So for younger looking skin you must have balanced diet and need to stick over it always.

Drink more water:

For younger looking skin you need to hydrate your body and for this you have to drink lots of water. It is fact that our skin is composed of 40% water, so by drinking 7 or 8 glasses of water can keep your skin glowing and also help in removing toxins and harmful chemicals from your body which results in younger looking skin.

Proper Exercise:

You can achieve younger by doing proper exercise as it increase blood flow and clear up pores. Exercise is the best way to make your body tight and toned. For younger look we also have facial exercise which stretches our face muscles with which our skin is attached. There is various face exercises which include massage, acupressure etc which slow down the aging effects and leave us with healthy and younger look.

Keep your body clean:

Always clean your body properly if you want to have younger look and healthy skin. You must wash your face before going to bed because dusts of pollution block the pores of your skin due to which your skin doesn’t get proper amount of oxygen. By cleaning your body properly you help in moisturizing your skin and making your skin wrinkle free.

Manage your stress:

Stress increases the sign of aging so it is very important to manage your stress so that you can have younger look. For stress free life you need to take proper sleep as through it your damaged cells get healed properly.

Use Sunscreens Lotion:

Harmful rays of sun are also one of the biggest reasons of growing age, so always use sunscreen lotion before going out as this can protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays of sun.

Give up smoking and alcohol:

Smoking and consumption of alcohol can dry up your skin which results in signs of wrinkles. So for younger look it is highly recommended to give up smoking and alcohol.

Only a healthy body can help you to have healthy skin and achieving younger looks. So eat proper, sleep well and exercise daily if you want to look healthy and young.