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Styling Tips for Tall Women

By on September 10, 2014

Spring-trend-2013-white-and-black-strped-pants-1It is a fact that tall women get noticed quickly, so it will be important for them to be dressed well. If you are women with tall height and looking for some tips finding right clothes and styling, you need not to worry more. Here are some useful tips for you, just read it out and become stylish and glamorous.

Wear Dress with Different Colors:

If you wear dress having two different colors, it can help in breaking your height. You should wear the dress with both light and dark color. You can also wear dress with few patterns but don’t forget to use belt as it will make partition of your body so that it will be easy to differentiate your top half and bottom half so that you don’t look taller.

Tops to Wear:

If you are a tall women you should wear tops with frills, ruffles and patterns as these can help in making a good illusion of a bust and waist. Always wear your top over your skirt or trouser as it will cut the height over the waist area.

Color to Choose:

Try to choose monochromatic outfits as it looks more pleasing on tall women than bold colors. To look more stylish you can add colourful accessory like a fabric belt or bold piece of jewellery. If you are wearing belt make sure it highlights your waist and does not clash with other colors of your cloth.

Knee length or Longer dresses:

You should avoid wearing short dresses as it will make your legs look longer. You can wear dresses below knee which can reduce the elongated length of your body. You can wear Capri’s as it is considered to be the nice dress to wear. Whatever be the dress you wear make sure it is neither too loose nor tight.

Hair Style:

If you are having long hair just let them be like that or you can make high ponytail as it is a nice way to draw all attention to your face and beautiful long neck.

Large Bags and Accessories:

If you want to draw attention away from your height you can use large accessories like jewellery or handbags. While choosing earrings you must go with large one because short earring will look odd to your personality.

Wear Beautiful Shoe:

When anyone sees a tall woman the first thing they do is to check her feet to determine whether she is wearing heels. So it is very important for tall women to wear nice pair of shoes.

Wear Heels:

You need not to stop wearing heels and stick to flats just because you are tall. Wear Chunkier heels, strappy shoes and colored steps so that it can balance your height. Avoid very pointed heels as it can make your legs look longer.

If you are tall women you are so lucky to be blessed with such a tall height. So just shop well and groom yourself with best accessories and look confident in whatever dress you wear.