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What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

By on September 10, 2014

By the time you get invitation for the wedding, you start worrying about the dress you should wear. Though it is not your special day but still you have to look gorgeous and stunning as everyone there has eyes on you. If you are confuse about what to wear to a summer wedding, this article really going to help you in answering your question. The type of dress to be wear in wedding depends on the time you are going to attend the function whether it is day time of evening time; don’t your worry anymore ,we have all solutions for your problems.

Some tips for dresses to be wear in summer weddings:

Follow the Theme:

Always read the invitation carefully because it is the best way to find the suitable outfits as these days many weddings now have colour themes or dress codes.

 Day Time Wedding:

  • If you are going to attend the day time ceremonies, your dress should be more casual than an evening time.
  • You need to wear something which is light and comfortable because in summer season it is very difficult to handle bulky dresses.
  • You can wear the dresses of fabrics like silk, chiffon, crepe and other type of natural cotton.
  • You can choose to wear dress style like dance floor dresses, maxi dresses, short dresses etc.
  • You have the choice of colours like Lavender, baby blue, cream, apple green.
  • Go for bold colours and make your presence to be noticed by everyone.

Evening Time Wedding:

  • If you are going to attend the wedding in evening time then the selection of dresses should be bit different.
  • Black tie is considered to be the popular code for the evening weddings.
  • The halter gown can be the right choice which can make you look stunning. Evening gown like Clementine is considered to be the famous gown for the evening weddings.
  • Add some accessories which well suited with the dress and here your with the best look for evening time party.
  • Have coiffed hair to make your whole attire more interesting and glamorous.

Makeup and Accessories:

Put light make up for summer weddings and use shimmering lip gloss which can keep your lips moist and shiny. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen if you are going for outdoor party.

Wear light jewellery which well suited to your dress. Avoid heavy or awkward looking earrings and necklace.


According to your dress choose right suited pair of footwear. The perfect footwear partner of summer is metallic pair of sandals or shoes. If you are going for outdoor wedding you can wear wedges or flat which can be comfortable for walking in the grass or sand.

All above are some key tips which you should follow to look stunning in the summer weddings. Always choose the dress according to the time and season of the wedding; this is the key to look stunning in the crowd of people. Whatever dress you wear, just wear it with confidence.